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Adler Aphasia Center, Maywood, NJ

Posted by Cory Courtois on August 11, 2016

While Welch Sign is well known in Maine and New Hampshire as a quality purveyor of many sign types, section.jpgwe are also known nationally for our work on Donor Wall and Donor Recognition projects.

One recently completed project for the Adler Aphasia Center in Maywood, New Jersey occurred due to a relationship which dates back years between Welch Vice President Kathy Davis, and Adler Aphasia’s artist-in-residence at the time, Bonnie Cohen.

“(Kathy's) an expert in donor recognition and fundraising campaigns,” Cohen explained in an article published by the Jewish Standard. “She coordinates every aspect of the project -- she’s the reason I have great opportunities to create artwork for wonderful organizations all over the country.”

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Market: Healthcare

Products Provided: Donor Recognition Wall

Services Provided: Design Collaboration, Project Management, Installation

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Project Case Study

Customer's Basic Need:

A donor wall that accomplished four goals:

  • Express genuine appreciation to all donors
  • Motivate additional giving
  • Enhance lobby space to create a welcoming center of hope for people affected by Aphasia
  • Incorporate flexibility to add donors over a length of time

Challenges overcome in terms of design, manufacturing or other:

To create a work of art that truly reflects the values of their organization and the theme of their capital campaign -- "Strengthening Voices" -- while providing the functionality required over the long term.

Solution / Effectiveness:

In order to make this donor wall very personal, Welch engaged the creative spirit of Adler's members and caregivers to help create the actual mosaic artwork. Each participating member created their own unique flower which was incorporated into the overall artwork. Welch collaborated with Bonnie Cohen, an award winning mosaic artist from Akron, Ohio.

Engraved into the ceramic is the saying "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step." Participating in the creation of this stunning donor wall was one of many steps in the continuous journey for those Adler members and families affected by Aphasia.

What they're saying:

"To the artist, Bonnie Cohen and the team at Welch Sign we owe our sincere praise and thanks for creating this incredible piece. They made this process fun, easy to navigate, and held our 'hands' as we navigated the uncharted waters of donor wall design and function."

~ Karen Tucker, Executive Director,

Adler Aphasia Center, Maywood, N.J.


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