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Welch Sign Adds Second Location

Posted by Kathy Davis on June 12, 2015

(Scarborough, ME - June 12, 2015) Welch Sign hosted its first Open House in its new Portland location at 295 Forest Avenue. (Hannaford's Plaza at Back Cove) The purpose of the event was to thank members of the Greater Portland Architect & Design Community for the numerous collaborative efforts that group has provided Welch Sign. In addition, the event served as an introduction to Welch Sign's new display office and several new product offerings.  Wide format re-positional printed wall graphics, printed wall coverings and dynamic digital message centers were on display along with Welch Sign's wide array of interior sign options. 

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Why Wrapping a Commerical Vehicle in Maine is a No-Brainer!

Posted by Kathy Davis on June 1, 2015

Why Wrap Your Company Vehicle?

While there are many reasons for wrapping vehicles, there are two major and compelling factors for owners of commercial vehicles in Maine to wrap their trucks, cars, vans and trailers.

Protection of your asset.

Full wraps ensure every inch of your vehicle's factory paint job is protected. Given Maine's long winters and the impact of snow, ice and salt on our roads, it is impossible to protect your vehicle's finish. Welch Sign uses top quality 3M vinyl to ensure the original finish remains intact for as long as you are likely to keep the vehicle on the road.

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Can Welch Make Signs with Moving Parts?

Posted by Kathy Davis on May 11, 2015

When longtime customer Mike Dickinson built an addition to one of his stores, he came to Welch Sign to assist with implementing his vision for creating the "Disneyland of candy stores."  In conjunction with his new building identification sign, Mike wanted a visually stimulating and mobile jelly bean display sign to use in multiple locations for the purpose of offering tasty samples. 

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Low VOC and Vinyl Graphics

Posted by Kathy Davis on April 22, 2015

The expanded use of low VOC paints has changed the manner in which sign companies approach the selling of vinyl graphics and their preparation for the installation of traditionally straight forward wall graphics.  As the chemical makeup of paint has progressed over the years in order to diminish the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), traditional vinyl film has been challenged with its capacity to properly adhere to recently painted wall surfaces. 

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The Making of a Photopolymer Sign Expert & Artist

Posted by Kathy Davis on October 22, 2014

This is a guest post by Mike Santos for Nova Polymers. It orginially appeared on their blog on October 15, 2014. 


At Nova Polymer we work with dozens of sign fabricators every year as educators and advisors. The goal has not only been to integrate photopolymer methodologies into a fabricator’s overall practice but also to ensure that the process can be efficient and profitable. This requires extensive effort on behalf of the employees who manage the process. Their efforts and ongoing education can turn photopolymer production into a high level art that generates quality and profitable products.

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