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Making your Brand "Pop"

Posted by Cory Courtois on May 23, 2016

Consumers are visual by nature so why would you want to limit your brand to a flat, one dimensional sign?

Our three dimensional lettering and signage is extremely versatile and is cut or formed from a variety of materials such as acrylic, plastic, wood, foam or metal to make your brand “pop” right off a wall. Clean and sharp in appearance, they make a great first impression on your customers.

There are two methods to produce the dimensional signage you see around town:

  • Flat-cut acrylic is cut using a laser to produce very precise letters and shapes with very polished, sharp edges.
  • Formed signage is just as it sounds…the material is formed or molded to create flat, round or prismatic faces.

For added versatility and branding power, the materials and methods mentioned above can be painted any color, covered in faux metal and installed on virtually any surface. The only limit is your imagination…and budget.

That’s where our Team at Welch Sign comes into play. We will work within your budget to conceptualize, fabricate and install signage you’ll be proud to display and get your business noticed.

Give us a call today or stop by our showroom at 295 Forest Avenue in Portland where you can see a variety of custom signage products and talk about your project needs with a Designer and Salesman right on site.


Pierce Atwood Dimensional Letters

This example of cut acrylic letters for Pierce Atwood illustrates a clean and simple use of font and color to present the clients logo as a three dimensional element in the office.

Putney Dimensional Logo




The Putney logo is a clever use of dimension. The dog is actually another layer placed on top of the “P” and the cat is negative space back to the “P”.


Northeast Civil Solutions chose to give their letters a unique look by utilizing a laminate called “Chemetal”. The accent lights bring out the silver/blue metallic look.



Bernstein Shur chose a dramatic look through the use of color and dimension. The letters are thick fabricated metal with powder coat paint. The wall color and two letter colors make for a “can’t miss it” look when you walk into the reception.



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