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Why Wrapping a Commerical Vehicle in Maine is a No-Brainer!

Posted by Kathy Davis on June 1, 2015


Why Wrap Your Company Vehicle?

While there are many reasons for wrapping vehicles, there are two major and compelling factors for owners of commercial vehicles in Maine to wrap their trucks, cars, vans and trailers.

Protection of your asset.

Full wraps ensure every inch of your vehicle's factory paint job is protected. Given Maine's long winters and the impact of snow, ice and salt on our roads, it is impossible to protect your vehicle's finish. Welch Sign uses top quality 3M vinyl to ensure the original finish remains intact for as long as you are likely to keep the vehicle on the road.

  • A quality wrap may be removed safely five to seven years after installation without impacting the initial paint job
  • Maintaining a high re-sale value for your vehicle will go a long way (if not all the way) to paying for the cost of the initial wrap
  • Protection from dings created by stone and ice chips. Safeguard from the sun.
  • Easy maintenance. No waxing, power washing, etc. Simply hand wash with soap and water

Low cost advertising and brand promotion.

Vehicle wraps combine two key elements every business values - advertising and brand promotion.

  • Customize your own distinct message
  • 24/7 billboards, either moving or stationary
  • One time investment ensures low cost, but high impact
  • Applicable for every type of business that wants to promote their product or service 

Welch Sign can use a current design, collaborate with your in-house personnel to create a design or develop your graphic message utilizing our in-house designers. Contact us to learn more

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