• Sign Fabrication by Welch Sign
  • Sign Fabrication by Welch Sign
  • Sign Fabrication by Welch Sign
  • Sign Fabrication by Welch Sign

Our Services

Welch Sign is highly regarded for our transparent and methodical approach to sign, exhibition and brand environment development and that is reflected in the range of services that we offer including:

Concept Development
Our talented team of designers and planners utilize a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in research, technical design, engineering, materials and fabrication methods to develop signs that are attractive, functional and integrated into our customers’ environments.  We use the most advanced tools to create specialized documents that present a complete visual picture and offer the opportunity for extensive input.

Design Facilitation
Whether starting with a napkin sketch or a fully developed design concept, our project team can outline a development and implementation process that is both value based and supports your design intent.

Collaborative Planning
With planners and project managers capable of overseeing large scale project rollouts, we take a methodical process-based approach to sign planning.  Whether it is a one-off sign or a multi-faceted sign program, our team pays attention to the details to ensure all goals are met.  Our methodology also allows for frequent design and engineering review throughout the process.

Budget Development and Value Engineering
Most projects require tight budgeting parameters. Our team works with customers to match design intent with the appropriate budget, not just in the short-term, but also considers long-term management and maintenance.  

Project Management    
Welch Sign’s project management team is among the finest in the sign industry. We believe successful outcomes rely on adopting sound methodologies, therefore, we use established best practices to minimize errors and maximize oversight. Our project teams are scalable to address the needs of individual on-premise signs to complex sign systems to multi-state sign rollouts and unique donor programs. 

Prototype Development
For more complex projects it is important to prototype key elements, for both value engineering and approval of design intent. Welch has extensive prototype development capability, and we work to make prototypes part of large scale project development.

Master Plans and Documentation
Master plans and strategies define the way forward.  Our project managers assist with the development of documentation that clearly outlines the sign programs objectives and details, as well as setting clear strategies and goals for future development.  Documentation includes plans, message schedules, concept drawings, shop and as-built drawings, guidelines and database development. 

Custom Fabrication Services
We offer solutions that are both value based and customized to your unique needs. We have the ability to handle most interior sign fabrication in-house including CNC routing, metal and woodworking fabrication, wide format printing, engraving, painting, lighting and ADA code compliant signs.  In addition, we can support custom fabrication for exterior signs both internally and through our fabricator partnerships.

Welch Sign has an outstanding capacity to handle most installation tasks with in-house installers, and we manage installation for all project types across the country through a network of highly qualified subcontractors. We have experience working in multiple states and are well versed with unique shipping and regulatory requirements.

Brand Environment Consulting
With our extensive experience working with architects, designers, institutions and commercial entities, we have the knowledge, talent and skills to provide support for extending brand identity into place through storytelling, interpretation, graphic integration and material recommendations. 

Wayfinding Consulting
We approach wayfinding projects comprehensively, carefully considering the physical environment, organizational requirements and corporate culture, as well as user needs.  Our wayfinding consulting services begin with a comprehensive site analysis and conclude with an effective signage program that helps users find their way around your facility effortlessly.  In addition to signage, we can assist with the development of integrated wayfinding systems that include maps, staff training, and wayfinding technology.