Artwork FILE requirements

Please read this information carefully regardless of what type of project you have. Many requirements will relate to more than one type of file.

There are two types of file graphic formats, Vector, and Raster. Please click on the links at left to learn more.

Artwork for non-print graphics

(vinyl, cut letters/shapes, engraving, cut vinyl banners, routed sign elements)

Vector Artwork File Types & Extension (in order of preference)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or prior (or standard postscript) .AI, .EPS, .PS*
Adobe Acrobat DC .PDF*
CorelDRAW! 10 or prior .CDR*
Gerber Omega 5.0 or prior .PLT**
AutoCAD Exported Files .DXF, .DWF**

 * These vector format files may contain both raster and vector components and still be acceptable.

** These file formats may not support embedded raster graphics

Additional Information:

  • All artwork files must be able to be cut on CNC type production equipment that uses mathematical or “Vector” information to position and move the cutting device.
  • Vector files should be provided in the CMYK Colorspace.
  • Files using PMS or spot colors should ensure they are embedded in the file. Custom named colors should be converted to CMYK before submitting your artwork.
  • Linked elements MUST be embedded in the master file before submission.
  • All linked elements should be created or scanned utilizing the same requirements outlined on this page.
  • If your vector image includes a placed raster image such as a photograph, please consult with your Welch Sign Representative to discuss.

Artwork for print graphics

(Wide format printing, photographic images, printed vinyl banners, flatbed and sublimation printing)

Raster Artwork File Types & Extension (in order of preference)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or prior (or standard postscript) .AI, .EPS, .PS
Adobe Acrobat .PDF
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 or prior .PSD, .PDF
Tagged Image File Format .TIF, .TIFF
Bitmap .BMP*
Graphics Interchange Format .GIF
Portable Network Graphics .PNG
Joint Photographic Experts Group .JPG, .JPEG*

*Only if .psd and .tiff are not available and with minimum compression only. Any art supplied with compression artifacts cannot be corrected by Welch for printing.

Additional Information:

  • Raster images should be 150 dpi (dots per inch) of the finished production size. A 300 dpi resolution is desired for any art that is to be printed at a high level of detail or for close viewing. Cases where it may be permissible to use lower resolutions dependent on the product and viewing distance will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Client supplied images need to be print ready. Any supplied artwork which requires cropping, color correction, clean-up or print proofs will be subject to an additional cost. Please speak with your sales person for details.

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